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Event Planning in Austin & San Antonio, TX

Central Texas Planner

At an early age, Jennifer Redente was already organized, making lists, and checking items off those lists. It came naturally. After doing charity work and serving in the military, she realized just how much she enjoyed planning events.
She did it all while in the Air Force, from Christmas parties and fundraisers to being responsible for planning annual media contests, awards events, and conferences for multimedia professionals in the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

Her experience includes scheduling media engagements for elected officials (including the President of the United States and foreign dignitaries), preparing Andrews Air Force Base tours, and planning training events for Air Force personnel. She was able to realize that she truly had a passion for planning events, and with that passion came a successful career in the Air Force.
As a volunteer, she planned fundraisers for Big Brothers and Big Sisters, helped friends and family with birthday parties, retirement ceremonies, and weddings. Jennifer planned her kids' parties, which included various themes like Transformers and camping.

Even when she planned her retirement ceremony, she still needed assistance. After all, you can't be in two places at one time.

Jennifer retired in 2019 and was hired to continue planning events for a company outside of Austin alongside other responsibilities. In 2019, she decided to start her business to help others who might need an extra set of hands for planning their events. From start to finish, she will be there to help.

With more than 20 years of experience planning events, she strives to be the point person who can provide assistance in order to help clients have an enjoyable and stress-free time. Jennifer also does her best to help ensure their money is well-spent, no matter the scale of the party or budget. She simply loves being a part of something that will make life-long memories.